Welcome to BCRS

BCRS stands for the Babyz Community Rating System. Originally inspired by shows in the Petz Community, BCRS allows BC members to participate in pageants and earn points when they place. The more points a baby earns, the higher they climb in the rankings, earning special titles for themselves along the way.

BCRS was designed for use with the PC game, Babyz, and its online community, Milk.

Latest Update

August 1, 2022

Welcome to the new BCRS! I have redesigned and re-coded the entire site from scratch to clean it up and modernize it a little. Please enjoy your fresh new site!

I have also put a lot of work into tracking down photos for all the retirees who were missing them. The majority of retirees now have photos so they can be properly honored!

Ratings, titles, & retirees have been updated for the month.