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Bases with non or minor modifications

(In alphabetical order)

-Bekah: Buggz. -Brittany: Side-ways cap & suspenders. -Brittney: Hoody, winter hat & Collar/V-neck. -Budgie: Short straps, cardigans (coats). -Dani: Scarf, mittens, cutie', vest, pacifire + TV-show & shower-effect for play-scenes. -Hexers galore: Dress. -Lou: Overall. -Kirsty: Floppy bow. -Sharon: Tutu. -World of warcraft (game, not BC-related): Town-scene. -Various web-sites & creators of brushes & patterns for Adobe Photoshop: Images/drawings used for toyz & elements in play-scenes.

Bases with significant modifications

(In alphabetical order)

-Budgie/PDH: Dress.

My own (Gry`s) bases & re-hexing/re-coloring rules & requirements

-Hair-band/flower-crone, -Pearl necklace, -Transperrent face-mask/cover & main space suit, -Rows of 3, 4 & 5 buttons, -Baggy pants, -Textures/bmp`s (all), -Various brushes & patterns for Adobe Photoshop (used in playscenes & toyz).


I allow re-coloring as well as modifications of my bases, unless otherwize stated. I would not have been where I am today without the releases & help from others, and it`s a pleasure to be able to give back by returning the favor as well as helping new hexers.

My only requirement, is that credit is being given.