Theme-packages with different kind of items.

Babyz astronauts: Space-suit & play-scene (non overwriting).

Lion King: Play-scene (non overwriting), clothing-set tee-shirt, diaper & buggz + lion-plushie.

Winnie the Pooh: Play-scene (non-overwriting), a coverall (with straps) & 3 character-dolls.

Halloween (2014): Play-scene (non-overwriting), an 8 pieces set of clothes dress, diaper, tee, pants, socks, scarf, winter-hat & pearl necklace, and a creapy kind of "snow"-globe.

Spounge-Bob: Play-scene (non-overwriting), 2 set of clothes tee, diaper & socks + 2 character-dolls.

Harry Potter: Play-scene (non-overwriting), Book + 5 character-dolls.

The Twilight series: Play-scene (non-overwriting), 2 character-dolls + snow-globe.