BCRS Information

All BCRS-supported pageants and enrollments now take place on Milk.

Pageants are a longtime BC tradition, existing almost since the dawn of the community itself. Essentially, members enter a photo of their baby in a pageant and the person who hosted the pageant will judge it, ranking the photos in order of cuteness or how well they suit the pageant theme, and give placements. The higher your baby places, the more points they receive.

As your baby earns more points from placing in pageants, they will rise up the rankings and earn titles along the way. When your baby reaches 1000 points or higher, they will retire with all of the honors they received. If they are the highest earners in the month or year, they can earn an extra special exclusive title, such as Mr/Miss January 2022 or even Mr/Miss BCRS!

Pageant Rules and Formats

Detailed pageant rules and information about the different pageant formats can be found in the pageant information thread on Milk.

Currently there are three regular pageant formats: standard, advanced, and elite. We also have a few special pageant types that are not listed here, such as Battle of the Babyz, quick pageants, and "accidental" large pageants. Information about those can be found in the above mentioned Milk thread as well.

Pageant Rankings

All pageants must follow the BCRS ranking system. The proper amount of babyz should be placed in all pageants unless there are not enough entries after three weeks' time.

Pageant Type Normal Standard Large Standard Advanced Elite
Number of Entries 8-24 20+ on purpose Any Any
Required Placements 8 8 8 5
Best in Show (BIS) 25 points 50 points 35 points 45 points
First Place (1st) 20 points 40 points 30 points 40 points
Second Place (2nd) 15 points 30 points 25 points 35 points
Third Place (3rd) 10 points 20 points 20 points 30 points
Honorable Mention (HM) 5 points 10 points 15 points 25 points


Supreme Titles

As your babyz earn BCRS points, they will unlock new titles.

Baby Supreme Earned at 200 points
Junior Supreme Earned at 400 points
Senior Supreme Earned at 600 points
Grand Supreme Earned at 800 points
Ultimate Supreme Earned at 1000 points
Ultimate Grand Supreme Earned at 1200 points

Gem Tiers

Your babyz will also earn gem tiers based on how many BIS placements they earn in their pageant career (not counting quick pageants).

Topaz Tier Earned after first placement of 2nd or higher
Amethyst Tier Earned after 2 BIS placements
Sapphire Tier Earned after 4 BIS placements
Emerald Tier Earned after 6 BIS placements
Ruby Tier Earned after 8 BIS placements
Diamond Tier Earned after 10+ BIS placements


When a baby reaches 1000 points OR has the highest BCRS points total at the end of a month, they will retire from BCRS at the end of that month with all of their titles and accolades, earning them a place in our BCRS Hall of Fame!

Retired babyz can still be entered in pageants, but will no longer be eligible to earn points. You may take your baby out of retirement and re-enroll them, but their points will revert to zero.